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For keen cake makers, ION  Skip to content. Submit. Close search. HOME · PRODUCTS · WHOLESALE · CONTACT US · DELIVERY.

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Add to cart. Categories: All Shop, Cookies, Crackers SEE MORE DETAILS:FIND US..FACEBOOK PLUS Chocolate & Biscuits ION Amygdalou, Lacta and Sokofreta! Too good to be true? Coffees Loumidis forever! Egg Dye. ION SOKOFRETA DARK CHOCOLATE. Traditional bar made up of layers of crispy wafer and dark chocolate , imported straight from Greece.

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melomakarona. Homemade honey cookies. (5 pieces) $7.00.

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Sokofreta chocolate

200gThe most traditional heavenly chocolate of Greece. ION Sokofreta Chocolate Gluten-Free 38g. Sokofretra chocolate snack, for a delicious sweet break! Weight. 0.1 kg.

Ion, 38 gr.
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Sokofreta chocolate

ION S.A. is the only chocolate company in Greece with a complete cocoa and chocolate production process, from cocoa bean to the end product. The company imports, following a thorough product control, high quality cocoa beans from the various cocoa producing countries. ION Sokofreta Cream: Cocoa cream, wafer and milk chocolate spread.ΠΡΟΪΟΝ ΕΠΑΛΕΙΨΗΣ - ΚΡΕΜΑ ΚΑΚΑΟ ΜΕ ΒΑΦΛΑ & ΣΟΚΟΛΑΤΑ ΓΑΛΑΚΤΟΣ ΙΟΝ ΣΟΚΟΦΡΕΤΑ (380g) Sokofreta chocolate . Greek chocolate bar.

Tillgänglighet:  Chocofreta vit choklad.Den nya vita Sokofreta kombinerar härligt den rika smaken av vit choklad ION, med tre rader med våffla och kakaokrämfyllning. egypten Caprice - Dark Chocolate Filled Wafers, 250g: Grocery Bermad Penetrera räv Sokofreta hazelnoot | Greek Food Market · bärbar Ren  Cloetta Kex Choklad - Chocolate Filled Mini Wafers 156g - Pack of 6 Chocolate Bars Tagged "Kex" - Sweetish Candy img Kex choklad 38g "Ion" Sokofreta  Cloetta Kex Chocolate Bar. Kex & Choklad - en Kex choklad 38g "Ion" Sokofreta. Fria bild: kex Chocolate Bars Tagged "Kex" - Sweetish Candy. KEX MED  ION Sokofreta 2 "The" chocolate wafer of Greece. Ion Chocofreta is by far one of Greece’s most popular confection. Produced in a variety of flavors it is love by children and adults world wide!
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Sokofreta chocolate

ION has been synonymous with chocolate for more than 85 years. There are generations and generations of people who have linked the name of ION with their most pleasurable moments. Still, what is it that lies behind your cherished ION? It’s rather simple, really: Our love for chocolate, our commitment to quality, our determination for innovation and a long, long history that goes back to the Ion Sokofreta Milk Chocolate with Stevia / Σοκοφρέτα Σοκολάτα Γάλακτος με Στέβια 30g Σοκοφρέτα ΙΟΝ είναι μια τραγανή γκοφρέτα σοκολάτας γάλακτος και έχει ταυτιστεί στη συνείδηση του καταναλωτή με ολόκληρη την κατηγορία γκοφρετών. × Ion Sokofreta Milk Chocolate with Stevia / Σοκοφρέτα 30g 1 × £ 0.67 × Macedonian Ηalva Vanilla / Μακεδονικός Χαλβάς Βανίλια 400g 1 × £ 5.47 × 3A Lentils Thin / Φακές Ψιλές 500g 1 × £ 2.57 Ion Sokofreta Milk Chocolate / Σοκοφρέτα 50g has just arrived at - The best Greek products delivered to your door! Ion Sokofreta Milk Chocolate / Σοκοφρέτα 50g Greek Chocolates & Wafers ION Amygdalou (Almond) 70g carton of 10 ION Galaktos (Milk) 70g carton of 10 Lacta Milk Chocolate 60g carton of 12 Pavlidi Ygeias 100g carton of 14 Sokofreta Red 38g carton of 20 Sokofreta Green (Hazelnuts) 38g carton of 20 Greek Biscuits Papadopoulou Miranda 250g cartons of 12 Papadopoulou Yemista Biscuits […] We are Greek Street Food Company called Greek2Go. We specialise in THE authentic Greek souvlaki - hot, fluffy pita bread (unlike any you find in the the UK) filled with meat and/ or halloumi cheese cooked on skewers and accompanied by fresh veg and homemade Greek sauces (like tzatziki). If you want to see the authentic way to eat Greek food choose us.

0.7"W X 6"L X 1.7"H ion sokofreta chocolate About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2021 Google LLC ION Mini Milk Sokofreta "The" milk chocolate wafer of Greece. Individually packaged.
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Chocofreta vit choklad 38g Ambrosia Livs /Delikatesser och

200gThe most traditional heavenly chocolate of Greece. ION Sokofreta Chocolate Gluten-Free 38g. Sokofretra chocolate snack, for a delicious sweet break! Weight.

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Delicious chocolate cake layers, Nutella buttercream & Nutella ganache. 7 layer. 7 layer. ION has been synonymous with chocolate for more than 85 years.

$5.50 Add to cart · ION Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds ( 200 g). Ingredients · 2 egg whites · 75 g sugar · 4 egg yolks · 200 g good dark chocolate ( 60% cocoa or more) · 100 g fresh cream · grated chocolate, to garnish  Greek Recipes. Chocofreta - Milk Chocolate Covered Wafers, CASE (20x38g) : ( Sokofreta)Product of Greece. Ποια μεγάλη απόλαυση θα επιλέξεις για να σε συντροφεύσει; #ioncyprus #ion #iongiapanta #sokofreta #space #choose #chocolate #ChocolateVsSokofreta. SERENATA CROISSANT DOUBLE COCOA 50g. 6 SEK sokofreta gluten free och mörk choklad ΙΟΝ kex 38g sokofreta med jordgubbskräm ΙΟΝ kex 38g. Kex hasselnöt 38g "Ion" Sokofreta.